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Slowly Unspooling

From Tape Reel to Red String

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   The Show

"Slowly Unspooling" is a gripping podcast that plunges listeners into a chilling and immersive unreality. Presented in a serial biweekly format, this horror podcast follows the unnerving journey of Kai.

When Kai receives a mysterious box filled with cassette tapes, their life takes a haunting turn. These recordings seem to have been made by Kai themself, unveiling a disconcerting story set in a world where nothing is as it appears. As the tapes play, The Kai on the tape's initial optimism about a new job gradually disintegrates, leaving them questioning their perception of reality. The boundaries between truth and illusion blur, leaving Kai trapped in a web of uncertainty.

"Slowly Unspooling" paints a dark and foreboding atmosphere, captivating listeners with its immersive found footage-style narrative. Produced and directed by Aspen Rayne, this podcast takes audiences on a spine-tingling journey through the twisted corridors of Kai's existence.

Join us on all major podcast platforms as we unravel the mysteries entwined within these haunting tapes. Experience the suspense, fear, and unsettling ambiguity that permeate "Slowly Unspooling," the podcast that challenges your perception of reality and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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